About Mike Alewitz

Mike Alewitz was the founder and Chairman of the Kent Student Mobilization Committee Against the War in Vietnam (SMC,) the largest anti-war group at KSU prior to the May 4, 1970 massacre.

Alewitz was an eyewitness to the murders and served as National Chairman of the Committee of Kent State Massacre Eyewitnesses. He was subpoenaed and testified before the Presidential Commission on Campus Unrest (Scranton Commission.)

He was a leader of the national student strike that followed the massacre and has remained a prominent anti-war and social justice activist throughout his life.

Alewitz has traveled the globe creating murals on themes of peace and solidarity, including in Nicaragua, Chernobyl, Mexico City, Northern Ireland, Baghdad and the Occupied Territories. He has organized mural projects for numerous peace, labor, civil rights, environmental, women’s and international solidarity groups.

Mike has spoken extensively on political and cultural topics and is currently Associate Professor of Art at Central Connecticut State University, where he directs the community-based mural painting program.

Mike is the co-author of Insurgent Images: The AgitProp Murals of Mike Alewitz, with Paul Buhle, Monthly Review Press.


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  1. […] lessons learned from Kent state extend well beyond Kent State and well beyond the 1970’s. Mike Alwitz, a witness to the shootings, became an artist and has dedicated much of his life to painting peace […]

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